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I want to get home loan, how should i go?

Thanks to the mortgage loan offered by Lite Lender Mortgage to its customers, you can easily become a homeowner with payment plans in accordance with your budget. If you want to buy a home loan, you should master the following steps to facilitate the loan purchase process.


Decide the house you will buy

Decide the house you will buy

The list of answers that can be given to questions such as I want to get a home loan or how I can get a home loan is at the top of the list, before deciding on a home loan, to decide on the house or its alternatives . While determining the house you will buy; you should consider the loan down payment rate, loan amount, and your monthly income. You should also keep in mind that the value of the house will be determined through an appraisal firm led by the bank, and as a result, an appraisal report will be created for the house you wish to buy.

Persons who do not have a down payment to buy a house can head to banks that offer non-down payment loans. For those who want to buy a house without down payment, there is a prerequisite for banks. This condition; The second property of the customer is a mortgage in addition to the real estate to be purchased.


Make comparisons for the most suitable housing credit calculation

housing credit calculation

It is a very difficult process to find the bank that offers the best payment plan and the best conditions among the banks that offer housing loans to its customers. To facilitate this process, by calculating the mortgage loan for the term and amount you want, through the Lite Lender application; You can easily make your monthly installment payments, total amounts, file expenses and all other details on a single page.


Realize the housing credit application

credit application

You can calculate home loan through Lite Lender application, or you can leave an application request online for the loan product you have decided. Within the scope of this application, the appraisal value of the house you want to buy and the loan amount you will receive is determined by the bank.


After you credit is approved

After you credit is approved

Undoubtedly, the most important issue that many people who say I want to buy home loans is whether or not they will get a loan and what will be the repayment plan if the loan comes out. At this point, your credit rating is one of the most important factors when taking home loans. In the event that the mortgage loan is approved, the mortgage loan amount is determined by taking into account the expertise report and the income level of the person. Lite Lender Mortgage offers a payment plan that fits the individual’s budget, taking into account the level of income of its customers. When all these processes take place, you will have to sign the loan agreementand start deed transactions. When the deed transfer is completed, you can forward the necessary documents to the bank and complete your mortgage loan process.

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